Tyre Resole

We specializes in providing exceptional services in the field of tyre resoling

With our expertise and advanced techniques, we extend the lifespan of your tyres, ensuring superior performance and cost-effectiveness. We take pride in delivering top-notch tyre resoling solutions to meet the demands of various industries.
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Our 15 Step - Process

  • Step 1:Collection of Used Tyres

    We accept used tyres from customers who wish to extend the lifespan of their tyres through resoling.
  • Step 2:Setting up the Boiler

    The boiler is set up and heated to initiate the resoling process. This is a crucial step in preparing the equipment for tyre resoling.
  • Step 3:Inspection and Analysis

    Each delivered tyre is thoroughly inspected and analyzed to determine its suitability for resoling. Factors such as the tyre's condition and loading capacity are assessed.
  • Step 4:First Casing Check

    The tyre is checked to determine if it is the original casing or a previously resoled tyre. This information is important in determining the resoling approach.
  • Step 5:Transfer to Buffing Department

    If the tyre meets the necessary requirements, it is transferred to the buffing department. Here, the worn-out tread is removed through a process called buffing.
  • Step 6:Solution Coating

    After buffing, a solution coating is applied to the tyre to prepare it for the resoling process.
  • Step 7:Collection of Used Tyres

    Bonding gum, a specialized adhesive, is applied to the solution-coated tyre. It plays a crucial role in creating a strong bond between the new tread and the tyre casing.
  • Step 8:Hot Category (Optional Step)

    In certain cases, for tyres categorized as "hot," a plane rubber layer is attached to the tyre. This additional layer serves specific purposes based on customer requirements.
  • Step 9:Design Mould Placement

    The tyre is placed into a design mould, which helps give it the desired shape and pattern.
  • Step 10:Removal from Design Mould

    After a specified period of time, the tyre is carefully removed from the design mould, ensuring that the resoling process has taken place effectively.
  • Step 11:Cool Category (Optional Step)

    For tyres categorized as "cool," a design rubber layer is applied to the tyre based on customer requirements. This step adds a specific design to the tread.
  • Step 12:Cooling Chamber

    The resoled tyre is then placed in a cooling chamber for a specified duration. This process helps ensure that the bonding and curing of the new tread are completed effectively.
  • Step 13:Removal from Cooling Chamber

    After the specified time period, the tyre is taken out from the cooling chamber, indicating that the resoling process has been successfully completed.
  • Step 14:Black Colour Paint Coating

    Each resoled tyre undergoes a final step, where it is coated with black color paint, giving it a finished appearance.
  • Step 15:Delivery to Customers

    The resoled tyres are then transferred to the respective customers, ensuring they receive high-quality, resoled tyres that meet their requirements.

At Lakshmi Group of Companies, we follow a meticulous and quality-driven process to deliver excellent resoling services, maximizing the life and performance of your tyres.