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As a prominent supplier of precured tread rubber in India, we have established ourselves as industry leaders. Our precured rubber is meticulously crafted using the finest natural and synthetic rubber, complemented by the addition of carbon black and high-quality tested chemicals.

To ensure optimal performance, we have invested in state-of-the-art hydraulic presses, renowned for their efficiency and precision in manufacturing our precured tread rubber. As dedicated manufacturers, we utilize top-grade alloy molds to achieve a flawless finish on our tread rubber products.


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Tyre Resole Process - 15 Steps

  • Step 1:Collection of Used Tyres

    We accept used tyres from customers who wish to extend the lifespan of their tyres through resoling.
  • Step 2:Setting up the Boiler

    The boiler is set up and heated to initiate the resoling process. This is a crucial step in preparing the equipment for tyre resoling.
  • Step 3:Inspection and Analysis

    Each delivered tyre is thoroughly inspected and analyzed to determine its suitability for resoling. Factors such as the tyre's condition and loading capacity are assessed.

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What is our mission?

Our mission is to consistently deliver excellence in every aspect of our products and services. We strive to exceed customer expectations by providing superior quality, performance, and reliability.
We are dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation, continuously pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking ideas, we aim to revolutionize the industry and offer innovative solutions that enhance the mobility experience.